So, you’ve been interested in buying a wake surf boat. It’s time to do your research. You might find it helpful to know the parts of a wake surf boat since it may have various features to consider, depending on the type of boat you get. You can start by viewing a variety of boats offered by Germaine Marine

Once you’re familiar with the anatomy of a wake surf boat and boat terminology, you’ll be that much more prepared to purchase your own vessel. If you need more information on a specific watercraft, check out our other blog posts. We have everything you need to begin your wake surf boat purchasing journey.

Parts of a Wake Surf Boat

What are the parts of a wake surf boat called? We’ve got you covered with the basics that you should know.

Bow eye hook

A bow eye hook will keep your boat in place at the dock, at anchor, or on a trailer. 

Navigation lights/Anchor lights

Boating in low-visibility conditions requires navigation and anchor lights. Red and green sidelights show the port and starboard of your boat. You’ll also need a white light that can be seen from 360 degrees and at least two miles away.

Goonie top tower

Having a tower on your wake surf boat makes it easier to wake surf. The higher tow point keeps the tow line elevated and makes it easier for the surfer to do tricks. A tower also gives you options for customization, such as mounted speakers, additional lights, and extra shade.

Board racks

Board racks are simple devices that can optimize your organization. They’re fork-shaped and can be mounted on your boat. You’d use them to hold your boards up so you know where they are while keeping them out of the way.


The helm is where the driver will spend a lot of time. This is where the wheel and the steering mechanisms are housed.

Observer seat

You’ll need a passenger to watch the wake surfer behind the boat for best safety practices. The observer seat gives them the best vantage point to ensure the surfer is safe.

Battery switch

You’ll want a battery switch if you don’t want to waste a lot of your battery life. These switches connect or disconnect devices to the electrical system of your boat. When your boat is inactive, a battery switch prevents power drain.


A weight known as the ballast is in place in the hull to improve stability. It can be made out of water, metal, or stone. Having the proper ballast can improve the performance of your boat.

Ballast pumps

Ballast pumps pump water into installed tanks. The water adds to the boat’s weight, making it heavier as it drives. This added weight is ideal for wake surfing because it makes a bigger wake.

Surf systems

Basically, a surf system is a tab that sits on the back of your boat. The tab aims downward to make the boat slightly list to one side or the other. This creates the surf conditions on the water for wake surfers to ride. The most common types of surf systems are suction cups and surf gates.

Suction Cup:

A suction cup surf system attaches to your boat to create the surf.

Surf Gate:

Surf gates use hydraulics to create a wave on either side of the boat.

Ready to Shop?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the parts of a wake surf boat, you can figure out what you’re looking for. Please feel free to start shopping around on our website. We offer quality vessels and competitive prices on boats for sale in Arizona, Utah, and California. Armed with your new knowledge, you can confidently start deciding on your perfect wake surf boat.

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