American Fork, UT
American Fork, UT


American Fork, UT


St. George, UT


St. George, UT


St. George, UT


Mesa, AZ

$160,145.00 $139,999.00

American Fork, UT


American Fork, UT



St. George, UT

$132,500.00 $122,000.00

American Fork, UT


American Fork, UT

Cabin Cruiser

2021 Crownline 264CR


Buying a New Boat

When you look at boats for sale, your first major decision is whether you want a new or used model. There are plenty of great benefits to opting for this year’s model, which we discuss below. If you have any questions or want to look at your options, visit Germaine Marine. We proudly serve those in Arizona and Utah.

Warranty Protection

The first advantage of buying a new boat is that you’ll get warranty protection. Even the top brands and highest quality models can make mistakes in the production process. These issues can affect anything from the safety of the boat to the performance of the boat. Sometimes all you need is a part replacement while others require more repair work. Whatever the situation, it’s nice not to have to pay out of pocket! New boats come with a warranty that will give you peace of mind about repairs. The specifics will depend on the specific brand you go with, but they generally cover manufacturer errors.

Ideal Performance

Another great benefit is that new boats are at the top of their game. They haven’t hit a harsh surface when trying to dock and aren’t full of dents yet. They haven’t encountered faded paint jobs due to the hours sitting under the harsh sun. They don’t suffer from issues, such as a jerky engine start-up, that happens over time. When you look at new boats for sale, you are looking at a fresh slate. Those models will never perform as well as they do now.

Top of the Line Features

Finally, new boats come with the most advanced technology. This year’s cutting-edge features can impact your boating experience in many ways. Maybe they offer better fuel efficiency. Maybe they offer better safety features. Maybe they come with extra features such as a stereo system. Whatever the case, you’ll enjoy the latest and greatest systems.

Ready to look at new boats for sale? Head on over to Germaine Marine. We offer a wide range of models for sale. Simply bring a list of your wants and preferences and our friendly staff can help you find the perfect options. We can tailor our suggestions to a range of budgets and family sizes, making it easy to get a boat that fits your lifestyle. We proudly serve those in Arizona as well as those in Utah. Stop by and visit us today!


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