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Buyer's Guide to Bowrider Boats

At A Glance

Bowrider boats offer a distinct design, making them a great option for social people who want to host multiple passengers on their outings. There is extra seating in the bow, allowing you to bring a large group on board. Keep reading to learn more, then visit Germaine Marine to see bowrider boats for sale. We proudly serve those in the state of Arizona.

What Are Bowrider Boats?

Bowrider boats are unique in that they offer extra seating in the bow. This allows passengers to enjoy a space for soaking up the sunshine, catching up on good conversation, and getting prime vista viewing. Your friends and family will be itching to hop aboard and cruise around the bay!

These boats are great for leisurely rides on the water but are not as well-suited for poor weather situations. They don’t come with a cabin or roof, so everyone on board would quickly get drenched in the rain. You’ll want to stay onshore during bad weather conditions, but hit the water on sunny days!

The engines on bowriders tend to be either a sterndrive or outboard engine. Some models use engines that are designed for high speeds, allowing you to zip around with ease. Other models use engines that are tailored to calm, slow riding.

How Can I Use a Bowrider Boat?

Bowrider boats are best used in calm waters, such as lakes and rivers. They usually don’t have the stability needed to handle choppy and rough waters, so they aren’t good for ocean exploration. They also don’t do well in poor weather situations due to their small size (usually under 35 feet long) and lack of an enclosure.

Some bowriders are perfect for towing watersports enthusiasts. They can hit the high speeds required to give watersports participants an exciting experience. Take along wakeboarders, waterskiers, and inner-tube fanatics for a thrilling ride.

Most models can fit up to ten people, making it easy to host a get-together on the water. Bowriders offer plenty of space for sitting, sunbathing, and swimming preparation. Bring along your family and friends for an unforgettable time!

Ready to check out bowrider boats for sale? Visit Germaine Marine for a large selection of models. Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect one for your needs. We are happy to answer questions and provide advice, so stop by today! We proudly serve those in Arizona and Utah.

Buying A Used Bowrider Boat

At A Glance

One great way to spend time on the water is in a pleasure craft like a bowrider boat. These small, lithe vessels are ideal for leisurely cruising around the lake and entertaining friends and family on the water. They’re also affordable, which makes them great for anyone on a tight budget! It’s hard to beat how convenient these crafts are for hosting a group on a sunny afternoon. If you’re looking for bowrider boats for sale, then Germaine Marine has locations in Arizona and Utah to serve you!


Bowriders are a type of runabout boat with a pocket of extra seating inset into their bows, ahead of the helm of the craft. You can let your passengers fill up this space to soak up the sun and chat as you cruise across the water. There’s also more seating at the stern of the boat to give you even more space for anyone who wants to join you.

Because of their open deck nature and lack of a cabin, bowrider boats are best for sunny and temperate weather conditions. You won’t have shelter from rain or high winds aboard these vessels! They are big enough to accommodate several people, but not big enough to take out on the open ocean, either, as they come in lengths of under 35’.

The engines of these crafts are either sterndrive or outboard motors. Some bowriders are made to reach higher speeds while others are less powerful and made for slower cruises.

How They’re Used

You’ll find that your bowrider boat is used most effectively on inland waterways that are reasonably calm, like lakes or rivers. These crafts simply aren’t equipped to handle choppy ocean waters. High winds will also buffet them around and potentially endanger you and your passengers.
Faster and more powerful boats find use as watersports towing vessels. You can use them to tow water skiers, wakeboarders or inner tube riders for some fun aquatic thrills!
Generally, though, you’ll find that your bowrider boat is best suited for gentle pleasure cruises with friends and family. With the two seating areas at the bow and stern, you can take up to ten passengers at a time on many models. You’ll even have space for sunbathing and swimming or watersports preparation!
Think this runabout is just what you need to add to your summer fun on the water? If you’re in Utah or Arizona, visit Germaine Marine today to see our inventory of used bowrider boats for sale. Our staff will be happy to help you find the perfect craft for all your summer cruising fun!

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