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General Information on Pontoon Boats

If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to enjoy family and group entertainment on the water, you won’t find a better option than a pontoon boat. These innovative vessels offer unbeatable comfort, size, and stability. The design is extremely stable, so you’ll have no trouble preparing food and drinks, playing games, and moving about the craft with ease. Keep reading to learn more about these revolutionary boats.

Germaine Marine is proud to offer an impressive selection of pontoon boats for sale. Give us a call or stop by and see us to start browsing our inventory. You can find us in Arizona and Utah.

What are Pontoons?

This style of boat is mainly defined by its multiple hulls. On a standard craft, you’ll find one hull that’s centered. This means it can easily tip from side to side even in the calmest waters. Pontoons, on the other hand, have two or more hulls that are made up of hollow aluminum tubes, which are called pontoons.

The modern models offer plush, comfy seating around the high walls that are built to keep water spray out. The high sides also serve as a beloved safety feature because they prevent your passengers from falling overboard. The decks on pontoon boats are massive enough to hold multiple people that can move about the craft with ease to socialize. Your guests will never feel crowded. It helps that these boats are also very easy to handle, which is especially appealing to beginners.

Family-Friendly Fun

In addition to being able to entertain and host, you’ll also love the family-friendly aspect of pontoons. The wide, flat decks over the double hulls offer unmatched stability on calm rivers and lakes. As a result, the kids aren’t going to be able to make waves by tipping the sides. This stability is ideal for many family activities, such as playing a board game, having a picnic, or enjoying a dance party.

Another exciting aspect is affordability. When you compare it to other styles, pontoon boats are very reasonably priced. This also means that insurance will be less expensive. These vessels are built to be strong while also requiring fewer part replacements and repairs. You’ll save money on maintenance in the long run as well.

Visit us at Germaine Marine in Arizona and Utah to find the boat of your dreams! You’ll be pleased with our wide range of inventory, which includes plenty of pontoons for sale.

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