When you need a new way to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather with the kids, boating is a wonderful activity choice. They’ll love zipping across the water, whether they’re sitting in the boat or being pulled on an inner tube behind it. You’ll make loads of priceless memories out on the water with them. Before you bring the kids aboard, Germaine Marine has gathered some helpful tips on taking children boating. If you’d like more information or you’re in the market for a new boat, be sure to give us a call. You can also visit one of our convenient locations. We proudly serve Arizona and Utah.

Set Ground Rules

The very first thing you’ll want to do to set yourself up for a successful boating experience is to establish some ground rules. After all, kids aren’t aware of all the safety threats and will need to be taught the rules of safe travel by boat.

The first rule should be to remain seated at all times while the craft is moving. It’s all-too-tempting for youngsters to want to mill about and lean over the edge to peer at the water below. This can lead to injuries or even someone falling overboard.

The second rule is to always put on a life jacket before boarding the vessel. This is a safety precaution in case someone falls in while trying to get onto the craft.

The third rule is that everyone should walk while on the boat because it’s much too easy to slip and fall when running.

As we all know, telling kids about the rules is one thing and getting them to follow them is another. One strategy for ensuring they follow the rules is explaining the “why” behind each one. This can help them remember it better and also make them more willing to follow it. Another technique you can try is to explain the rules back at home so you know you’ve got their full attention. A new environment can be too distracting for them to retain the information. Don’t forget that you should always review the rules before each voyage to make sure they stick.

Pack The Essentials

In general, boats require a fair amount of gear to ensure a safe trip. Everyone on the craft will need a life jacket. When it comes to vests for kids, there are a few traits to look for. Head flotations will keep their head easily above the surface. In addition, a crotch strap will prevent them from falling out of the jacket. Look for self-righting features that’ll keep them swimming in the proper direction. You should always test the fit of a life jacket prior to approving it for a boating trip.

If you’d like to make things easier for yourself, you can assemble a kit that’s full of supplies for trips with kids to make things go smoother. For example, bring a cooler stocked with snacks. You can tackle seasickness with non-drowsy Dramamine, ginger ale, or saltine crackers. Sunscreen is another must-have item to prevent painful sunburns. Bug repellent is a wise choice as well.

Keep It Fun

Adults don’t have trouble enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with leisurely boating. Kids are a different story. More often than not, they’re looking for nonstop entertainment. You’ll need to be proactive about this and keep them engaged so they’re having a good time. Depending on your children’s ages, there are different activities to try. Some examples include art projects, board games, I Spy, charades, and so on. Allow your kids to help build the music playlist or assign them tasks so they feel included. A little preparation can go a long way.

You can count on Germaine Marine for all of your boating needs. We are proud to serve Arizona and Utah.

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