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General Buyer’s Guide to Boats

At a Glance

For those who love the water, there’s nothing better than an afternoon cruise on a boat. Owning a boat is rewarding in a number of ways, and if you’re here, then you’re probably considering what a boat might add to your life. Germaine Marine, serving AZ and UT, is your local boat dealer. Read on to learn what you should consider when shopping for a boat.


The first consideration you’ll want to contemplate is the size of boat that you’ll need. If you’re a solo fisherman, then maybe you’d rather just have a small flat-bottom boat for an afternoon of solitude. But if you love to entertain, you’re going to need a lot more space than that! Boats vary in size from seating for one or two people to seating in the double digits, so think about how many people you plan to bring out with you on a regular basis.

The type of water you plan to boat in also has a lot to do with the boat size you get. If you’re going to be in a calm lake or river, you won’t need to get something very large, but if you plan to trailer up your boat and head to the open ocean or the Great Salt Lake, then you’ll want something a bit bigger that can handle choppier water and cross wide, open expanses more quickly.


Your next consideration should be the type of hull you want. Shallow water merits a flat-bottom boat that can draft easily over sandbars and other obstacles without running aground. Meanwhile, heavy chop and very deep water will require you to have a deep-V hull that can coast along without capsizing.


Finally, what you plan to do with your boat will be the third major consideration you’ll want to undertake. Fishing boats come equipped with features like rod holders, baitwells, livewells and plenty of storage for your gear. Watersports participation needs a boat that is fast and capable of generating wakes. Entertaining requires plenty of deck space and comfort features like a head (bathroom) and some means of cooking or keeping food around. Think carefully about your plans so that you can choose a boat that matches.
Come on by one of our dealerships today to check out our full selection of new and used boats for sale. Germaine Marine proudly serves all of our customers in Utah and Arizona.