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Power and Ease

ATX boats come standard with a 6.2L Indmar 400 Raptor Engine, providing a great balance of torque and efficiency.. All new for 2021 is the re-engineered TAPS 3T which uses military-grade power actuators to provide wakes and waves that outperform all other boats on the water. Military-grade actuators allow a host of configurations necessary to achieve the ultimate in performance. Whether you are surfing, wakeboarding or pulling around the kids on a tube, TAPS3T has you covered. Using TAPS 3T and shifting the Convex V Hull into its optimal performance position allows the ATX to produce the best wake and wave combo that the industry has ever seen. This is all built into and controlled by the ATXperience Control Center for simplicity and ease of use. The GO System automatically sets the cruise control for wakeboarding, surfing, or skiing. No more confusing setups, simply push the “GO” button and let it rip.

Built Tough

ATX boats are built tough to withstand choppy and rigorous water. Every ATX model is built with a fiberglass liner which provides incredible amounts of additional structural stability and improves the quality of rides. Thanks to its heavy lamination schedule, on average, ATX boats weigh 600 pounds more than all of its comparable competitors. You will be able to enjoy a smooth yet powerful ride through all kinds of water conditions. In addition to the top notch structural composition, ATX boats come with the Indmar Raptor series engines which are closed cooled standard which is designed to keep lake water out of your engine enhancing reliability by limiting corrosion. It also maintains more stable engine temperatures which can lead to longer engine life. ATX boats are built to last and require little maintenance, saving you time and money. More savings means more time on the water with family and friends.

Comfortable Design

Built-in transom seating and reversible seats provide a comfortable ride for everyone on board. While seated at the helm, you’ll find a sexy and luxurious dash design which features a sleek and stylish cubby to hold keys and dry goods. To the right of the steering wheel is the ATXperience Control Center. This 7” full touch screen gives you total control of your boat. The ReCline Captains Chair slides, reclines and swivels to give you optimal comfort. You’ll also find an inCharge wireless charging phone holder, Bluetooth, rearview camera, and the all new ATX keyless ignition. No keys, no problem.

Every space on an ATX boat has been designed for usability. Each ATX boat is built with plenty of storage and space to make sure you can take everything you need along for the ride. Under-seat storage includes room for full size coolers, purses, diaper bags or full size surf boards. Also available are SkyLock Board Racks, Clamp 4rce Racks, or SwivelShock Racks, providing you multiple options for clutter-free storage. ATX models are also up to 3” deeper than other boats on the market, ensuring everyone on board is dry and comfortable.

If hearing all of these details has you excited to buy an ATX boat, stop by Germaine Marine and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you. You can visit us in American Fork, UT, Mesa AZ, or Norco, CA. We’re ready to help you find the perfect model for you and your family.

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