2004 Moomba XLV


Knowing When to Get a Moomba® Boat

Moomba Boats design their vessels precisely to give you an unforgettable experience on the water. Whether you’re a pro watersports athlete or you’re a dedicated enthusiast, these vessels are going to give you the kind of performance and comfort you need when you head to your favorite lake or river. Just check out the models we offer here at Germaine Marine, with locations in Arizona and Utah, to see these crafts for yourself.

Excellent Performance

If there’s one thing a Moomba boat knows how to do, it’s delivering the best performance out on the water. Whether you’re in the boat or getting towed behind it, you’ll love spending as much time as you can inside these vessels. This is, in part, thanks to the best-in-class engine, with tow-focused horsepower and torque for quicker acceleration and planning. Even the biggest adrenaline seekers will love these vessels.

These boats are also built to withstand some of the harsh elements of life in the water, so they’ll last longer with reduced wear and tear. Fewer trips to the mechanic will save you money and time—time you can spend out boating. On top of that, you’ll get excellent fuel efficiency and lower emissions, so you save at the pump as well.

Surf and Wake Systems

When it comes to creating the best wake, it’s hard to beat Moomba Boats. They know when your watersport enthusiast hits the water, they need the best performance possible. And that’s exactly what you’ll get thanks to things like the AutoWake® with Multi-Sensor Technology, which offers repeatable wake, regardless of water condition. You’ll also appreciate clean lips and long pockets, with taller waves so even the most experienced athletes will enjoy what they get from these vessels. It’ll be easy to pull out all the best tricks, or simply enjoy the rush.

Superior Comfort

Of course, all the performance in the world doesn’t mean anything without a boat that’s comfortable and inviting and encourages you to take it out as often as you can. That’s why Moomba Boats offer the Bluetooth® Fusion Stereo with 6.5’ Wet Sounds™ speakers, as well as relaxing seats that allow you to sit back and enjoy the sun. You can even convert the sliding rear seat for the flagger so they can comfortably watch the person being towed and update you on what’s going on behind the boat. 

Ready to check out some Moomba boats for sale? Stop by Germaine Marine and let one of our experienced staff show you what we have available right now. You can also contact us about how we can help you find the right vessel for your family.