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Excellent Performance

If there’s one thing a Moomba boat knows how to do, it’s delivering the best performance on the water without breaking the bank. Whether you’re in the boat or getting towed behind it, you’ll soon realize what the Moomba Movement hype is all about.. This is, in part, thanks to the best-in-class engine, with tow-focused horsepower and torque for quicker acceleration and planning. Even the biggest adrenaline junkies will get excited when taking a Moomba for a drive.

Moomba boats are also built to withstand some of the harsh elements of life in the water, so they’ll last longer with reduced wear and tear. Fewer trips to the mechanic will save you money and time—time you can spend out on the water. On top of that heart pounding excitement, you will also have great fuel efficiency and lower emissions, which translate into savings at the pump as well.

Surf and Wake

When it comes to creating the best wake, it’s hard to beat a Moomba. Moomba knows that when a water sports enthusiast hits the water, they need the best performance possible at all times. And that’s exactly what you’ll get thanks to things like the AutoWake® with Multi-Sensor Technology, which offers repeatable wakes, regardless of water conditions. AutoWake sensors makes sure that weight is always equally distributed by constant monitoring. This provides the best wakes and waves for everybody. Moomba’s Flow surf system and smart plate provide clean lips and long pockets, with taller waves so even the most experienced athletes will enjoy what they get when trying to push the limits. Land your first Tantrum or going ropeless while surfing will seem easier than ever behind a new Moomba.

Superior comfort

Of course, all the performance in the world doesn’t mean anything without a boat that’s comfortable and inviting. Moomba’s price point luxury accomplishes this with a host of features such that leave you as comfortable at the end of the day as you were at the start. Moomba offers a Bluetooth® Fusion Stereo with 6.5’ Wet Sounds™ speakers, a seven-inch touch screen, wireless phone charging pads, as well as relaxing seats that allow you to sit back and enjoy the sun. You can even convert the sliding rear seat for the flagger so they can comfortably watch the person being towed and update you on what’s going on behind the boat. You’ll also find a bimini top with several extension options that will keep you shaded anytime you need it. The flexibility and simplicity of the Moomba lineup offer everything needed for a comfortable and relaxing day on the water.
Ready to check out some Moomba boats? Stop by Germaine Marine in Mesa, AZ, or Norco, CA, and let one of our experienced staff members show you what we have available.. Moomba boats are very fuel-efficient, making them the most affordable choice for anyone looking for a new tow boat adventure. Contact us about how we can help you find the right Moomba for your family.

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