2020 Supra SE550




$139,000.00 $129,000.00


2008 Supra 22SSV


Why You Should Get a Supra® Boat

Supra Boats offers an impressive lineup of perfectly crafted towboats, one of which might just be the answer to your boating prayers. They offer excellent performance and all the features you’ll need to entertain your family when you’re out on the water. Just stop by one of the Germaine Marine locations in Arizona or Utah, or browse through our inventory of available options and let us know which models interest you the most.

The Supra® Boats Legacy

Since 1981, Supra Boats has been providing customers with high-quality performance above all else. Every upgrade is focused on improving how the boat runs and how much you’ll enjoy your time on the water. Each component and feature is precision-engineered to enhance your experience, so every inch of these boats will give you greater luxury features and a more enjoyable day on the water. In fact, Supra has earned 14 consecutive NMMA CSI awards thanks to all their awesome advancements and their superior customer satisfaction.

Excellent Towboats

First and foremost, Supra offers some of the best towboats in the industry. They give you the power and speed you’ll need to get some of the best thrills, but they also come with the AutoWake® autopilot system for creating the perfect wakes. This hull management system, only offered by Supra, handles all the adjustment work for you so it’s easier to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Plus, they’re going to be easier for the driver to handle, so everyone has a better time.

Eye-Catching Innovation

One of the secrets to their success is the innovative technologies that set them apart from the competition. For example, there’s the Supra Swell® Surf System, which provides taller waves, longer pockets, and optimal pull for both sides. The Supra Smart Plate™ lets you adjust the length and shape of the wake to tailor the experience to a particular rider’s skill level. And finally, there’s the Supra Launch System, which allows you to plane faster with a full ballast. The combination of these features and so much more will allow you to create the best on-water athletic experience for all your riders. 

On that note, now’s the perfect time to start checking out these Supra boats for yourself. Stop by one of the Germaine Marine locations or contact our experienced staff to learn more about how you can get the perfect towboat for your family.