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Buying a Tige Boat

At A Glance

Tige boats are some of the best and most versatile boats on the market today. To find the reason why one would have to go all the way back to 1995 with the development of the original TAPS system. TAPS (Tige Adjustable Performance System) technology, coupled with the convex V hull, made Tige boats the first inboard to give riders complete wake control. These boats can typically handle whatever is thrown their way. It’s no matter if you’re looking for a leisurely day on the lake, or if you’re trying to hit the waves and catch some air. With a Tige boat, you will enjoy the ultimate boating experience.

TAPS 3 System

The crowning feature of every Tige boat nowadays is the TAPS 3 system. TAPS 3 changes the way riders wakeboard. It ensures riders get the perfect ride out of their boat on every outing, no matter the activity. Switch your side, your style, or your wave size at a moment’s notice, all without losing the quality of your legendary Tige surf wave. TAPS 3 was designed by looking and thinking forward. It was built with the most advanced technology available. The natural performance helps to create powerful waves of absolute perfection on either side of the boat.

Full Control

Tige boats offer several other amazing features, especially in the onboard technology realm. For instance, the GPS driven Zero Off™ Cruise Control, which is easy to use for the average operator, and best in class with immediate response for the people with more advanced knowledge. With just the touch of your fingers, you can navigate the intelligent design with intuitive control. Boasting the largest surface area, brightest screen, and clear forward visibility, you will love the 10.6-inch screen that gives you easy access to everything you need to make your day out on the water as exciting and as fun as possible. This system is ergonomically positioned right where the average rider would expect it to be, (just to the right of the steering wheel) adding to the overall intuitiveness of everything. The profile design is low profile, which gives you maximum visibility, as well as safety by keeping your hands, eyes, and attention where they should be.

Now is the perfect time to purchase a new Tige boat like the ZX1 or ZX5. Think about all of the fun you and your family and friends will have wakeboarding as the hot summer days roll by. Germaine Marine has one of the best selections of new Tige boats for sale at our three locations. Visit us in American Fork, Utah, where we serve the areas of Salt Lake City, Provo, and Orem! Or you can visit us in Mesa, Arizona, where we serve the areas of  Phoenix, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. To makes things even more convenient for all of our customers we have opened a third location in Norco, CA where we serve San Diego, Long Beach, & Los Angeles, CA!  Come see us at any location today and let our friendly and out-of-this-world sales team assist you in purchasing a new Tige wakeboarding boat.

Buyer’s Guide to Used Tige Boats

At A Glance

For nearly 30 years, one of the leading names in American wake boat manufacturing has been Tige. This company has set some impressive firsts in the wakeboarding industry and they show no signs of slowing down.

Germaine Marine, with locations in Utah and Arizona, is your local Tige boat dealer. Read on to learn more about these great boats and why they’re such a good buy.

Company History

Back in 1991, wakeboard boat industry veteran Charlie Pigeon decided that he could manufacture better wake boats than the ones on the market at the time. “Tige,” pronounced “tie-guh,” is taken from Charlie’s childhood nickname “Tiger,” which morphed from “Tiga” to “Tige.” He founded his company in California, but by 1994, decided to relocate to a more central location in Abilene, Texas, where the company currently has a massive manufacturing facility capable of shipping from coast to coast in the United States, as well as internationally.

Today, the company boasts an impressive dealer network in thirteen different countries around the world. Their international expansion is a direct result of their boats’ superior performance and their engineering practices. The company even launched their first worldwide wakeboard tour in multiple countries in 2000.


Tige boats are equipped with a number of unique features, not least of which is their TAPS wake-building technology, developed in 1995. Now in its third generation, TAPS is short for “Tige Adjustable Performance System,” and with an added hydraulic wake plate, Tige became the first inboard with full-trim capability.

Another great aspect of Tige boats is their patented Convex V hull, which made professional-looking wakes even easier for operators to generate. And their Tige Touch control panel was the first touchscreen control panel on the inboard market, released in 2009. The Alpha E2 Electric Powered Tower splashed onto the market in 2017, voted WakeWorld’s Innovation of the Year because of how much it improved their wake boats’ performance.


The Tige lineup includes six different models and two families: the ZX family and the RZX family. The ZX boats come in lengths of 21’, 23’ and 25’, while the RZX boats come in lengths of 20’, 22’ and 23’. Cleverly placed storage bays allow you to have more space to stash your gear, ensuring you can bring everything you need for your adventure. All of their boats can seat upwards of 13 passengers at a time on luxurious and plush seating, so you can take a big crew out on the water for an afternoon of thrills you won’t soon forget.

Ready to take home a used Tige boat of your own? Visit one of our dealerships to take a look at our full stock of used Tige boats for sale. Germaine Marine serves all of our customers in Utah and Arizona.