Are you thinking about buying your first fishing boat? Congratulations! Your fishing options will open up significantly when you can get away from the shore and go into deeper waters. You’ll have a wider array of fish you can catch and you can always weigh anchor and move around the water if you need to. Also, a fishing boat allows you to bring a friend or two along for the trip so you can have some great conversation while you’re waiting for the fish to bite.

Germaine Marine, with locations in Utah and Arizona, is proud to be your local fishing boat dealership. That’s why we’ve taken the time to draw up our best tips for new anglers so that you can have a successful first trip in your brand-new fishing boat!

Pack Your Supplies

You’ll want to begin by packing all the supplies and gear you’ll need on your boat. In addition to your bait (fish prefer live bait like shrimps and minnows, especially deep-water fish), lures and rods, you’ll want to have food and water, pliers, a knife, sunscreen, bug spray, a first-aid kit, an emergency radio, a laminated chart of the waters, a compass, your GPS unit, your phone, towels and a cooler. Make judicious use of your boat’s storage spaces to keep everything organized until you need it.

Check The Weather

No matter what you’re doing on your boat, whether it’s fishing or simply cruising with friends and family, it’s always smart to check the forecast before you leave shore. You don’t want to be out in high winds, heavy rains, thick fog, lightning or hail. You may also need to stay on shore if the temperatures are far too cold, since hypothermia and frostbite can set in quickly if you’re even a little wet, as you’re apt to be on a boat. Knowing what to expect from the weather can help you plan better, and heading back to shore when you see a storm brewing is a wise choice.

Dress The Part

When you’re fishing from a boat, you’ll want to make sure that you’re properly dressed for the activity. For one thing, water temperatures will be colder than those on land by a marked amount, which means bundling up in layers to stay warm. Thermal underwear, leggings, fleece and a waterproof overcoat are your friends! Layering up is better than simply wearing a bulky coat, since you can add and remove layers at your will for your comfort, and you’ll be better insulated against biting winds and chilly spray.

You’ll want to have tall waterproof boots to keep your feet dry, along with thick wool socks for insulation. Fingerless gloves or convertible mittens will let you manipulate your hook and bait more easily. A neck gaiter or cowl and a thick wool cap with earflaps are other good accessories to wear. Extra layers may be needed in case you do get wet.

Accessorize Your Boat

In addition to the great features your fishing boat will likely have on board, there are some accessories you can add to make things better. And if you’re still shopping for a fishing boat, then you’ll want to look for crafts that may already have these features to save you time.

Rod holders allow you to step away from the side of your boat for a minute or keep multiple lines in the water. Livewells and baitwells keep your catches and your bait swimming and fresh until you get back to the dock. Depth finders help to analyze the waters so you can determine where the fish are biting. Lead weights can help to drag your line deeper into the water to increase your chance of catching something.

Still haven’t bitten the bullet and bought your boat? Visit one of our dealerships today to take a look at what we’ve got in stock. We carry a wide variety of new and used fishing boats for sale, so talk to our staff about what might best suit your needs. Germaine Marine proudly serves all of our Arizona and Utah customers.

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