Every boat owner can enjoy boosting their outboard motor’s fuel economy. Spend less money on fuel, which allows you to invest more money in boat upgrades or trips. Below you’ll find our favorite simple ways to make fuel last longer. If you have any questions or want to explore boats for sale, head over to Germaine Marine. We have one location in American Fork, Utah, and one location in Mesa, Arizona. We proudly serve those in Arizona and Utah.

Go Slower

Yes, it’s thrilling to hit high speeds on your boat. But do you need to spend the whole voyage traveling at the highest possible speed?

Going slower will result in better outboard motor fuel economy. Engines are usually the most fuel efficient when they are performing at about 60% to 80% of rated output, rather than operating at full throttle. Boating at 75% can result in up to 50% fuel savings! It’s a simple way to get a big improvement in outboard motor fuel economy. You can still enjoy fast speeds on the trip, just not for the entire ride.

Boat In Good Conditions

Rough conditions cause boats to slow down and come off of the plane, which hurts outboard motor fuel economy. Heavy winds, large waves, and other issues cause boats to burn more fuel to travel the same distance. 

Try to plan voyages on days where the water conditions are favorable. It’s also helpful to take into account any tides, currents, and predicted winds in order to plan the most fuel efficient route.

Maintain The Prop

When prop blades are not in good condition, fuel efficiency is decreased. It’s important to repair and replace the prop when needed. Sure, it’s an upfront financial investment. But it’ll save you money in the long run with the improved outboard motor fuel economy improvement.

Limit The Boat Weight

Each item brought on board adds to the boat’s weight, which reduces the outboard motor fuel economy. The more items on the boat, the more fuel you’ll need to burn in order to move the boat. It’s important to have the essentials, of course, such as a first aid kit and toolkit. But try to limit the cargo you carry. Avoid bringing too many “just in case” items that will rarely be needed anyways. It’s also helpful to regularly go through the boat’s various compartments. That way, you can find any forgotten items that are taking up space and adding weight.

Keep Hull Clean

The state of the hull is an often overlooked part of improving fuel economy. It’s easy for debris to get built up on the boat’s bottom. This caked-on marine gunk can cause drag, which decreases fuel efficiency. Try to regularly clean the hull, especially if you store your boat in the water.

Limit Idling

It’s tempting to let the boat idle. Maybe you are waiting for your turn to dock. Maybe you are pulling up next to your friend or neighbor’s boat to chat with the passengers. Idling is convenient, but it does waste fuel. In most cases, you can simply turn the engine off instead. 

Keep Up With Outboard Motor Maintenance

When the outboard motor runs well, it will burn fuel efficiently. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule found in the owner’s manual, which provides information such as when to change out spark plugs, filters, and oil. Get a full service and tune up at least once a year. When you put your boat away for the year, be sure to properly winterize the outboard motor. When you take the boat out of storage, be sure to properly de-winterize it. A well-maintained outboard motor will offer optimized fuel efficiency.

We hope you found this maintenance guide helpful! For more maintenance tips or to explore boats for sale, head over to Germaine Marine. Our expert staff is happy to assist with anything you need, from answering questions to giving advice. You’ll find us in American Fork, Utah, and Mesa, Arizona. We proudly serve those all throughout Arizona and Utah.

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