Outboard motors are an economical solution when your boat needs more power. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use. You can find them in a wide range of styles that are useful for several different purposes, from trolling to cruising along the surface of a lake. Even if your boat already has a motor, an outboard motor can help to supplement it and give you a boost of power that improves your boat’s performance.

In order to ensure the best performance of your outboard motor, you’ll have to complete regular maintenance tasks on it. Germaine Marine, with locations in Arizona and Utah, is proud to be your local boat dealer. Here are some of our best suggestions for keeping your outboard motor in peak operating condition.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

The best way to keep your outboard motor in good condition is to read your owner’s manual. This guide is designed to help you with all parts of engine maintenance, and it’s your best resource for all of the tasks you’ll need to perform. You don’t have to read it cover to cover, but peruse it to understand all the parts of your engine and where they’re located, and keep track of any maintenance tasks in it, as well as repairs that you make or parts that you replace. 

Check Oil

The oil on your outboard motor needs to be clean in order to adequately lubricate all its parts. Remove the dipstick as you would on your passenger vehicle, then wipe it with a cloth or paper towel before reinserting it. Once you remove it again, check the color and condition of the oil. If it’s clear and runny, you’re good to go and can probably just top it off. However, if it’s sludgy or opaque, you’ll need to change the oil and oil filter. If you find metal shavings in the oil, you’ll need to contact the Germaine Marine service department so that our mechanics can take a look at it. Metal shavings can mean that there are parts of your engine grinding against each other, which can turn into a major issue really quickly.

Flush Your Engine

Following every trip, you should thoroughly flush your outboard motor. Both saltwater and freshwater can be corrosive if you don’t flush them from the engine. While the boat is out of the water, start the engine and put it in neutral so that it can pump out all the excess water inside of it. Unhook and clamp the fuel line so the engine can also burn off the excess fuel without spraying everywhere. Shut down the engine once all of the fuel has burned off.

Get Professional Assistance

While you can maintain your outboard engine well enough at home, you’ll still have to take it to a professional sometimes. The service team here at Germaine Marine has plenty of experience with a variety of different outboard motors, so we can certainly help you out with yours! It’s best to get maintenance performed before your engine has major issues rather than delaying too long and letting small problems become really big issues. 

Remember, if you need professional assistance with your outboard motor or general boat maintenance, you can always contact the service department here at Germaine Marine to talk to our team of professional mechanics and schedule an appointment. In search of the perfect boat? Visit one of our dealerships to take a look at our full stock of new and used boats for sale. Germaine Marine proudly serves the cities of Mesa, AZ, and American Fork, UT.

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