Being a responsible pontoon boat owner means a lot of things. It means operating your boat with care and caution out on the water. It also means having the supplies you need to stay safe and ward off emergencies. Not only do you need these items to keep you and your passengers safe, but many jurisdictions require you to have several pieces of safety equipment on your boat at all times. You definitely don’t want to get caught by law enforcement without your registration or other crucial gear.

So what do you need to bring with you when you venture out on your pontoon? Germaine Marine, with locations in Utah and Arizona, is your local pontoon boat dealer. Read on to learn more about the safety accessories you need to have on your pontoon boat.

1. Personal Flotation Devices

Personal flotation devices ( PFDs), commonly known as life jackets or life vests, are an absolute necessity on any boat. You should have a PFD for every passenger on your boat, young or old, so make sure you have them in different sizes. Inspect each PFD regularly for signs of wear or sun damage that could render it useless in a crisis. Insist that everyone wear one from dock to dock. Carry a throwable life ring as well so that you can toss it to someone who falls overboard.

2. Fire Extinguisher

A fire on a boat? It can happen! Fire extinguishers are crucial even on a boat, and many places legally require you to carry one. There are special marine fire extinguishers that you can buy to ensure that if a fire breaks out, you can get it under control quickly and easily before it does too much damage. This is of especial importance on a boat with a galley or grill where you do a lot of cooking. You’ll also want to check the expiration date to make sure it doesn’t need replacing.

3. First-Aid Kit

No one should ever venture out into the wilderness or on the water without a well-stocked first-aid kit. You’ll want it to be packed in a waterproof bag and kept somewhere within easy reach for addressing minor illnesses and injuries when you’re out on the water. Suggestions for items to include: bandages, waterproof medical tape, gauze, a pair of tweezers, nail clippers, antacids, painkillers, aloe vera, bug spray, sunscreen, motion-sickness pills, ginger candies and calamine lotion, plus any regular prescription medications you or your passengers may take.

4. Battery Charger

It’s important to have your devices charged up and ready to go for a variety of reasons, not least of which is staying connected with people on shore. A solar-powered battery charger with multiple USB ports or a small rechargeable battery will do just fine.

5. Anchor

You may want to stop somewhere in the middle of the water to fish or relax, and you can’t do this without drifting unless you have a way to stay put. That’s why having a small anchor on board can be useful. There are many different types of anchors, from small and compact to much larger and heavier, so choose accordingly. You’ll also need rope for it.

We hope this guide helps you to fully equip your pontoon with all the safety gear you need to be a responsible boater. Still in search of the perfect pontoon boat? Check out our full inventory of new and used pontoon boats on our website. Germaine Marine proudly serves all of our customers throughout the states of Arizona and Utah.

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