Deep sea fishing is a great adventure allowing you to seek out larger fish, such as sharks or tuna. This unique style of fishing does require a different approach than when you take your fishing boat out on a calm lake or river. We’ve gathered up some beginner’s tips to deep sea fishing below. If you want more strategies or want to check out fishing boats for sale, head over to Germaine Marine. We have one dealership in American Fork, Utah, and proudly serve those throughout Utah. We also have a dealership in Mesa, Arizona, and serve those in Arizona as well.

Pack the Right Gear

When you take your fishing boat out to deep sea, odds are you are going to get wet. It helps to wear waterproof outerwear so that you can stay dry. If you don’t have waterproof outerwear, you’ll want changes of clothes in case you get soaked.

You’ll also need to bring along the gear for standard fishing. Sunscreen helps prevent uncomfortable sunburns and sun damage (which can still happen on overcast days). Water keeps you hydrated, which helps you keep your focus up. A first aid kit can be a useful resource in case anyone on board your fishing boat gets injured.

Finally, you’ll need to equip your fishing boat with the right tackle. Make sure you get the right tackle for the types of fish you want to catch. Worms usually won’t cut it, so get live or artificial bait such as minnows, shrimp, and squid. A great hook to use is a circle hook. It tends to catch a higher number of fish and makes releasing unwanted fish easier (since it connects to the lip rather than the gut). If you hope to get a larger fish, make sure you have a heavy-duty baitcaster reel on your rod.

Be Aware of Safety Concerns

Deep sea fishing can pose some unique safety risks that are good to take into account. First, the weather can be more unpredictable. Be sure to stay aware of the forecast and be ready to change your plans if ominous clouds start approaching. Unexpected weather could also merit changing your intended route, so be sure your fishing boat is equipped with navigation equipment so you can find a new, safer route.

Another risk of deep sea fishing is the fishing itself. A large fish could pull you overboard, your boning knife could cut you, a marlin’s barb could puncture your skin, and so on. It helps to bring a buddy on board your fishing boat just in case. If something happens to you, then you will have someone else ready to act and intervene. Plus, a fishing buddy helps make the trip better!

Use the Right Fishing Boat

A successful trip starts with using the right fishing boat. You’ll want to ensure your fishing boat is large enough to stay stable in the choppy waters often found in deep sea areas. It’s one reason offshore fishing boats tend to be much larger than inshore models. They often sport a deep-V hull construction to add extra stability while navigating rough waters. Get the right fishing boat to make your time on the water more enjoyable and your trip more successful.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you are looking for fishing boats for sale, visit our dealership. We offer a range of models and our expert staff can help you find the perfect one for your needs. Tell us your budget and what you are looking for and we can make personalized suggestions. We have one dealership in Mesa, Arizona, and proudly serve those throughout Arizona. We also have a dealership in American Fork and serve all those in Utah. Stop by and visit today!

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