Have you been trying to find the perfect boat that will meet all of your needs as an avid fisher and entertainer? You may have looked at fishing boats before and wondered if there’s a boat that can serve more than one purpose. Fortunately for you, there is! Pontoon boats are known for being great family and entertaining boats, and they can also easily be outfitted to make them the perfect fishing vessel for you and your fellow anglers to enjoy.

Germaine Marine, with locations in Arizona and Utah, is your local pontoon boat dealer. Read on to learn more about how pontoons can make the ideal fishing and family entertaining boat!

More Stability

One of the best qualities of pontoon boats is how stable they are. With their twin aluminum tube hulls, pontoons have wide decks that balance easily on the water. Provided you stick to calm, inland waterways, you shouldn’t experience much instability, and many pontoons can even handle a bit of chop. 

If you want even more stability, you can look for a tritoon, which has three aluminum tubes underneath it instead of two. This additional tube helps with more even weight distribution and can even provide additional storage space for everyone’s gear. Tritoons also provide more horsepower and speed, which some people prefer to pontoons.

Extra Space

Those wide decks we just mentioned also lend themselves well to big fishing parties because there’s so much more room to move around than on a standard V-hulled boat. Pontoon boats also provide more storage space in addition to walking space and seating space. You can bring the whole family or several friends along for the ride without worrying that they’ll fit. Just make sure not to overload your pontoon’s capacity point.

Improved Comfort

Want a boat that’s really comfortable to spend the day in? You can’t do better than a pontoon. You already know as a fisher how much patience and time fishing can take, so why not while away those hours in comfort? 

Pontoons offer lots of amenities, with some having cabins that have bathrooms and even refrigerators or big coolers for storing lots of drinks and snacks. These items are especially important if you’re bringing kids along for the ride. There’s even space to set up an air mattress with blankets for the kids to take a nap! And the plush seating around the perimeter of your pontoon boat gives everyone a cozy place to relax.

Easy Handling

Those who are somewhat new to boating will find that pontoon boats are easy to maneuver and to operate on calm waters. You can launch them easily and dock them just as easily so you won’t have to stress so much at the boat ramp. And what’s more, pontoons tend to cruise at a slower speed, which is ideal if you don’t want to frighten away the fish while you’re trolling. Slower speeds also make it easier to anchor yourself in place when you find where the fish are biting. Make sure you know how fast your pontoon can go so that you get one that has the speed you need, since some are faster than others.

Think it’s time you investigated everything that pontoons have to offer the avid angler? Great! Browse our website to see the vast array of new and used pontoon boats for sale at our dealerships. You can always get in touch with us to talk to our staff about what type of boat might be right for your needs. Germaine Marine proudly serves the states of Utah and Arizona.

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