Wakesurfing has exploded onto the wake scene in a big way. What started in the 1950s with a couple of guys goofing around on longboards behind their outdrive boat (not recommended because of the prop on the outdrive) has become one of the fasting growing watersports on the planet: Wakesurfing.

To get in on the wakesurfing action here are a few tips.

Rope: Get a wakesurf specific rope. A wakeboarding rope is thin and will likely leave you with a nasty case of rope burn. Wakeboarding handles are big and can be dangerous when falling speaking from experience!  Wakeboard handle can easily allow your head to fall through and choke you at!! Not fun! Wakesurf ropes are typically thicker and sometimes have a small handle or T-bar, sometimes not. Some ropes are thick and have knots to help you pull yourself into the “sweet spot” of the wake. 

Ballast: Getting the wake dialed is critical to having a successful wakesurfing session. For most boats that means utilizing any built in ballast system along with several fat sacs or some big friends!   Generally, you want to get as much weight as possible to one side of the boat, with most of the weight towards the back. Be sure not to exceed the manufacturer’s maximum weight specifications when wakesurfing.  New boats are equipped with surf systems allowing you to weight the boat evenly and transfer the weight using the surf systems.  

Board: People originally used ocean surfboards, but now over 30 companies make wakesurf specific surfboards and fit all shapes and size of riders. It will make the learning curve easier and you’ll be having fun faster. There are two styles of boards – “surf” and “skim”. Surf style boards usually have two or more fins towards the tail of the board and look like mini surfboards. Skim style boards usually have one center fin in the back and possibly a small fin in the front. Surf style boards are good for aggressive carving and catching air out of the wave. Skim style boards are usually easier to spin and do shuv-its and skateboard style of moves. 

Speed: Most people wakesurf around 10mph, but sometimes as slow as 9mph and as fast as 13mph depending on the hull, length of the boat, and amount of ballast. Additionally, each board has an ideal speed depending on length and rocker. I have one board that I like to ride at 9.8 and another that I like to ride at 10.2mph. The shape and hull design really depict surf speed and wave size.

At Germaine Marine, we are excited to offer some of the best wakesurfing boats in the industry.  Tige has received many awards and recognized for the quality of wave they throw.  DYK that we are the #1 TIge dealer in the US? Contact us to test ride a Tige today!

We recommend getting behind the boat and learn how. Learning is fast and easy while perfecting takes time.  Jump in and get wet!

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