Tige boats are an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true! These models offer jaw-dropping performance, design, and handling. Whether you want to zip across the bay or tow a watersports enthusiasts, a Tige boat is right for the job. Keep reading to learn more about this popular marine brand, then visit Germaine Marine to explore Tige boats for sale. We are based in Mesa, Arizona, and American Fork, Utah. We serve those in Arizona and Utah.

Ideal For Watersports Fun

Tige boats are crafted with watersports adventures in mind, giving an ocean-like wakesurfing adventure in any river or lake. 

It starts with the technology. TAPS 3T exclusive plate designs use military grade actuators, which can handle over 3 tons of pressure and results in the best reliability out of any surf system. Pair this with the CONVEX V HULL and get the longest, most powerful surf wave possible. Brand-new watersports enthusiasts and experienced pros alike will love being towed behind a Tige boat.

The watersports experience is ideal for the captain as well. Simply press “GO” and the system automatically sets the cruise control, ballast, and TAPS settings. There’s no need to waste time setting up or dialing in instructions. Instead, quickly start the adventure. If you want to shake things up during the ride, Tige is the only inboard that goes from wakeboarding wake to slalom wake in under five seconds.

Safety-Focused Design

The most important part of a boat outing is safety. That’s why many aspects of Tige boats focus on safety. For example, the prop is located under the boat rather than the standard placement off of the back. Any surfers or swimmers near the boat will have extra space between themselves and the propeller.

Impressive Fuel Efficiency

The Tige boat hull is designed to work with water flow, rather than against it. The hull trim capabilities increase fuel efficiency by at least 30%! Other boosts to fuel efficiency are due to the innovative engine design and precise torque ratios. Enjoy spending less money on fuel to travel the same distance. The longer you own the Tige boat, the more money you will save on fuel.

High Resale Value

We doubt that you will want to part with your Tige boat. But if you do, enjoy recouping a large amount of the original investment. NADA states that Tige boats retain a higher resale value than all other boats. 

A Generous Warranty

Tige boats come with a 5-year/555 hour warranty. Enjoy maximum coverage with a low amount of limitations. Tige is also the only boat manufacturer that has a Lifetime Hull Replacement Warranty. It’s unlikely you will experience any issues, but they will likely be covered anyways.

Intuitive Technology

It’s a fine line with technology. It needs to be advanced enough to make the user’s life easier. But it can’t be too complicated and cause the user stress and aggravation! Tige’s technology strikes the perfect balance.

The 11” touch screen interface offers the largest surface area, and the brightest screen, on the market. It’s easy to see the details on the screen, even for aging eyes. The layout follows a tablet style, which is a set-up that most people are already experienced with using. The system is also placed strategically to the right of the steering wheel and close to the throttle, which is exactly where you’d want it to go.

Unforgettable Quality

Visit a Tige boat dealership and you’ll find a wide selection of high quality models. Each boat handles like a sports car. Enjoy heart-pounding speed, sharp turns, and fast planing times. It’s no surprise so many thrill seekers pick a Tige boat!

The company is also a member of the American Boat Builders Association, which is the most prestigious purchasing syndicate of the Marine Industry. They are intensely selective of their partners and only select the top and elite manufacturers. You can trust that any Tige boat for sale will be constructed with quality and ready for a memorable voyage!

Ready to shop Tigé boats for sale? Check out the selection at Germaine Marine. Our expert staff can answer questions, give advice, and make the shopping process a breeze. We offer locations in American Fork, Utah, and Mesa, Arizona. We proudly serve those throughout Arizona and Utah.

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