Tige’s flagship fleet of ZX boats are in a class of their own. Versatile, highly aesthetic design with the latest and greatest in Tige technology. We call it the flagship because it quite simply has the best wakeboard and wakesurf wake in the line. Learn more about the Tige 22RZX and how it’s transforming the shape of your wake and your ride!

3,000 pounds of sub-floor ballast make up the backbone of the 22RZX’s wake-making potential. We love sub-floor ballast because no one has to trip over a ballast bag or get a wet butt sitting on top of it. Add to this displacement potential the TAPS wake shaping and you’ve really got something. The center tab controls the boat’s running attitude to create a big surf and wakeboard wake or a smooth ski wake and the two side tabs create a surf wave. You can transfer the wave side in three seconds with one button and no ballast shifting so you don’t have to sacrifice your opposite surf side.

Inside you’ve got signature Tige luxury and styling that has no equal. The 22RZX is one of the most unique boats on the water today and sports diamond upholstery stitching with multiple colors in a soft and ergonomic package that will please anyone from kids to hardcore riders to grandma. Up above the new Alpha E2 tower is electronically actuated to lower or raise with the touch of a button, which is incredibly convenient if you have to go under bridges or collapse your tower to get the boat on a lift.

Click here to watch a video on Tige’s full ZX class line up.

The 22RZX’s brain is called Tige Clear. Inspired by the tablet market and luxury automotive touch screens, Tige Clear has the most surface area of any touch screen on the market and a bright display that outshines the midday sun. Building off the bedrock of Tige Touch—the digital display’s predecessor. Clear’s user interface is all about simplicity and customization while providing all the necessary functionality. Pick three of your most trafficked features and move them to your main Clear screen so you can call them up instantly. Clear is available on the 22RZX and is a big step up in the visibility department for a company that already has a refined user interface.

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